Nissan FairladyZ ‘Z33’ (’05)

Tuning Style, Japan Premier

The lonely nissan…ImageARC/ENDLESS/CARBONETIC Z33
Tuning Concept, Japan Premier


* ARC Ti. Exhaust
* ARC Ti. Induction Box
* ARC Upper Intake Pipe
* ARC Oil Cap & Radiator Cap
* ARC Ti. Hood Panel
* ARC Oil Pan
* ARC Catch Can
* ARC Undertray
* ARC Water Pump Pulley (-5%)*
* AAM Ypipe & RT high flow cats
* AAM angled plenum spacer
* AAM/TechnoSq. ECU Flash
* Nismo Japan (Setrab) Oil Cooler
* Nismo Power Steering Cooler*
* Strup headers


* Carbonetic Twin Plate Clutch
* Carbonetic Light Weight Flywheel
* Central 20 3.917 Final Drive

Wheel & Tire

* Volk TE37 Titanium Gunmetal (19×9.5, 19×10.5 +22)
* Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 (255/35, 295/30)

Brakes & Suspension

* Endless 6pot/racing 4(pot) brake kit
* Endless Teflon Coated SS lines
* Endless CC-RG
* Zeal Function V6 coilovers
* ARC Ti. Strut Tower Bar


* Blitz R-VIT
* Nissan JDM Window “Mesh” Tint


* Nissan CF front lower finisher
* Nissan smoked side markers
* Nissan FairladyZ emblem
* Nissan 2006+ LED Tail Lights


* HyperRev Fairlady Z Vol. 2 & 3
* Zaino car care products
* Nissan Z logo cargo net
* Nissan Z logo trunk mat
* Nissan Z logo floor mats
* Boot Partition


* = on hand; not installed







Volk TE37



ARC Titanium Exhaust

So what exhaust? Easy. ARC Titan. It’s lighter (titanium, duh), sounds meaner and when burnt, matches the Daytona Blue very well.

Abbey Road Company is a prestigious Japanese company the specializes in improving in ways others don’t. Their approach is not about just making power or looking good. But more about how to add to the vehicle. More a company that makes cooling and improvements to aero. ARC aims to protect environment and motoring culture.



Endless Brake Kit

I wanted something that wasn’t seen everyday. And yet was the top of the industry. Introducing Endless.

The Brake kit is labeled a Saftey kit.  That sure is a wonderful way to put it, eh?  Approx. 2 full inches bigger than the standard rotors on the Z, this kit will obviously stop on a dime and make change.. but it will also ask you if you want fries with that.

These brakes have been one of the best things I’ve done to the car. In a track environment they are incredible. Matched with a true track pad like the Endless CC-RG / NE20’s and you’re going to be pulling extreme G while under braking. The pedal feel is superb, giving you the extra confidence needed when pushing the limit. When demonstrating recently, I commented on how well the brakes fit on the track. The gentleman looked back at me and said, “I just felt my teeth leave my face.”



Zeal Function V6 Coilovers

After choosing the Endless brake kit. It only made sense to go with their own Zeal coilovers for suspension. I’ve enjoyed many different suspension in my life and this is right up there for me. The build quality is 2nd to none. They are a work of art. Comfortable enough for the street and taut enough for the track. The following is from Endless USA:

ZEAL Function-V6 Coilover

This steel-type, inverted-monotube type shock absorber is produced for specific vehicles with strut-type suspension. The shock absorber for this type of set up takes great abuse, thus side load attributes must be strengthened. An inverted monotube with a Friction-Loss Cylinder was developed for this matter. While using the Function Series’ technology, we’ve produced the new Zeal model for high performance driving. The nitrogen gas camber is positioned higher up and farther away from the braking area creating less heat transfer and thus, less chance for overheating. Also, under-spring weight is now lighter enabling handling to become sharper, quicker, and more responsive. Our easy-to-read and use, 6-Way Piston Valve Shock (PVS) Dial mechanism adjusts the rebound/compression force with its Piston Valve Shock Technology, Level 1 being the softest and Level 6 being the stiffest. Dial can be turned either direction infinitely. Pillow Ball camber adjustable upper mounts for direct feel of suspension motion help to decrease piston rod tension. ID60 Basic Spring (Street or Hard rates) maintains stroke and ensures a “seated” fit with upper and lower portions processed to a flat cut. The Adjustable Shock-Stroke System is a separate, adjustable lower cup/bracket used for height adjustability which eliminates problem of sacrificing stroke and altering spring tension. Spin the mechanism over the threaded shock casing up to lower (and down to raise) vehicle height. All Zeal Function Series systems include this height-adjustable system.