Celica All-Trac (#2)

Celica All-Trac ‘project black bastard’

Celica All-Trac ST185 #2
project black bastard 

^^ mostly stock

This All-Trac was shipped in from Montana with the red GT-Four RC. It was a “buy 1 get 2 cars” kind of deal since since it had a blown 3S-GTE. No worries, I’ve got a few..

The plan for this car is to keep it as close to stock as necessary. It is getting my old race motor and extra bits from the ‘white’ ST185 build. Highlights are the ARC intercooler and Advan wheels.

For those that don’t know; All-Trac in North America are extremely rare. This is 1 of ~1700 made in 1990-1993.

Factory specs-
2.0 liter , inline 4 (3S-GTE)
Turbocharged and Intercooled
AWD with Torsen & Viscous coupling
200hp/200lb.ft @ 8psi (the forged and built race motor will net an easy 300hp/300lb.ft @ 14psi)


Wheel & Tire

* Advan Touring Competition, 16×7, silver & red


* ARC intercooler